Friday, January 4, 2008


It starts in the future, in the aftermath of a 3rd world war, everyone takes a drug that nullifies human emotion, so as not to have greed, hate, jealousy, and the crimes that accompany such emotions. The drug also keeps positive emotions at bay, thereby dehumanizing the population. If people don't take the drug, they're burned alive. Naturally, there is a resistance of 'feelers,' whom the government is trying to either shoot or burn.

Bad direction/writing/acting... whatever it was, leads almost all characters to show emotion. We see passion, drive, commitment, faith, abstinence, smugness, etc. It really can't be so hard to stick to the rules, can it? Sure, a movie does need emotion, but we can simply have that i the main character, and the resistance fighters. The antagonists can be evil by simply not having emotions, they don't need to smile contently at the suffering of others. That was my main issue with this movie, all these people are supposed to be emotionless, yet there they are, showing emotion. Yet it seems an impossible task to depict a human without emotion.

Pushing this matter aside, the only other thing I couldn't stand was the "firearm martial art"(for lack of a better name). It looks cool, but come on, the efficiency of crossing guns and arms and making weird forms is non-existent. It even shows by the shooting scenes taking far too long. The sword fighting, however, is done well, eye-catching I might add.

Well cast, some good ideas, and a good setting make this movie one that can still be enjoyed. Some people are sure to enjoy this movie more than I did, but sometimes I have a problem with using my brain too much. I may have become a little too obsessed with the emotion/no emotion aspect, but the movie seems to dwell on it as well. I think the movie is still enjoyable. When watching, it might be a good idea to not concentrate on the emotion aspect so much, and let the slips slide.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

Attack of the hackers!

Super-hackers who can do everything from changing traffic lights to taking down multiple government agencies take the three step plan to initiate a national disaster. All seems like action-packed fun until some incredibly ridiculous and unbelievable CGI effects. As if the CGI isn't enough to rip you out of the groove, the power the hackers have in this film surreal, everybody bleeds, but is invincible, even the risk of a 100ft elevator shaft drop our main character faces doesn't jolt us after the few previous near-death experiences.


Once the madness cools down to more realistic scenes, the movie works... For a few short scenes, anyways. Yet I wonder if they brought the Bruce Willis from Unbreakable to this movie. After dodging 1000's of bullets, exiting a car at 60MPH, crashing a car into a concrete wall at 60MPH, then, oh my, did he just jump onto a JET FIGHTER?!

This movie goes from a 2 to a 1 and back to a 2 (then back to a 1) then a 3, doh, 1.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I Am Legend

Not the best post-apocalypse zombie movie(28 days later being my favorite), but nonetheless does a great job at creating the lifeless city aspect. He is the last man, but he is not alone.

The zombies and lots of the movie are done with CGI, but Will Smith always plays well with CGI. Will Smith pulls off the scientist act, perhaps more accurately than most as he shows the frustration involved in repeated failure(what science really consists of). His co-pilot Sam(the dog) is the most convincing dog I've seen in a movie. Whatever trainer is behind the scenes has really done an awesome job.

Another mediocre zombie movie for the library. CGI is easily accepted, and acting is well done. Environment is wonderfully construed.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


The title of this movie fails. I skipped over it many times because of it's lackluster title: "Shooter."

This being said, I was surprised at what an enjoyable film it was. Mark Wahlberg delivers (with cool tricks and skills to marvel at) with the accompaniment of a well-chosen cast. Danny Glover doesn't conform to the sinister antagonist role very well, but serves this movie nonetheless. The expected twist in the movie is not surrounded by the usual aura of deception, so we aren't treated as an easily swayed viewer. The ending let me down by lacking a good moral resolution, but this seems to allow it to conform to reality a bit better (no random zombies around to finish off the bad guy).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

Alice is back for the third installment in the videogame-made-movie, "Resident Evil."

Number 3, "Extinction," tries to evolve on the zombie-virus by giving us some zombie crows,
a new, partially domesticated, zombie race, and an even greater, super-zombie bad guy. Lacking development, as most of these quickly produced movies do, this is another movie solely for entertaining oneself with some good old zombie killing. Zombie movie lovers can enjoy this movie, as well as fans of the previous two Resident Evils. If there's a fourth installment, I'll be watching it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Punisher

More emotion please?

A rare thing for me to ask for, but I'm just not getting it from this movie. I'm watching everything that's happening (extended families slaughtered, the "becoming" of the punisher, the building of his arsenal) but without the man developing into a strong emotion, along with story development, this movie just isn't complete. I have to admit, he does play a good "always angry" punisher. This is why the movie gets more enjoyable after the beginning.

Once all the weak emotional development is out of the way, and the punisher becomes who he was made to be, the movie delivers an enjoyable action-rich ride. Some very graphic killing plays the role of the climax, and a promise of more bloodshed as an ending. No real moral message here. "It's not revenge, it's punishment." The movie isn't at all sophisticated, yet has the brutality only suited for a more mature audience.

Overall, the movie can be enjoyable if one simply wants to go for short action-ride. So if you're in the mood, hit the good old brain switch, and enjoy the show.


This movie, starring Bruce Willis, who lacks showing any strong emotion, is a make up of a comic book-like story. While starting as a harmless adventure into a security guards secret villain-fighting powers, this movie turns part horror, part mystery as our hero investigates just how far his powers will lead him.

The movie picks up about half-way through, when it starts to give some good comic book imagery(faceless man in cape, pouring rain). Unfortunately, when our hero turns to fighting crime, he comes across a mildly graphic scenario.

Along with crime-fighting always comes a bit of mystery, of which this movie indulges us. The mystery is not predominant, but just some fun unknowns throughout the movie.

My favorite part of this movie is that it doesn't shine light on everything it delivers. It won't scream at you when something fun is showing. While still an enjoyable movie, being able to spot certain less-conspicuous happenings (like the comic book imagery) makes it much more enjoyable and full.